Appendix A. Resources: Where to find related information
The home page of the gPhoto project.
The gPhoto project page.
The libusb home page. libusb allows C programs to access the USB interface of all supported operating systems in an OS independent manner.
The libexif project page. libexif allows programs written in C to access the metainformation from the EXIF tags in the JPEG files most modern cameras produce.
Hubert Figuiere's digicam support list
Ole Aamot's page about "Using Digital Still Photography Devices with GNU/Linux". The next two links were stolen from there.
Vince's page about support of Agfa cameras
Obi-Wan's page about "Supporting a Canon S110 Elph Digital Camera under Debian Linux (with a review of the camera and sample photos)"
s10sh is a standalone application allowing access to Canon cameras. Some features work only with s10sh, and some features work only with libgphoto2. See also .