libgphoto2 photo camera library (libgphoto2) API
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24 #ifndef __GPHOTO2_PORT_H__
25 #define __GPHOTO2_PORT_H__
29 /* For portability */
30 #include <gphoto2/gphoto2-port-portability.h>
31 #ifdef OS2
32 #include <gphoto2/gphoto2-port-portability-os2.h>
33 #include <os2.h>
34 #endif
36 #ifdef __cplusplus
37 extern "C" {
38 #endif /* __cplusplus */
40 #ifndef TRUE
41 #define TRUE (0==0)
42 #endif
44 #ifndef FALSE
45 #define FALSE (1==0)
46 #endif
53 typedef enum _GPPortSerialParity
54 {
61 #define GP_PORT_MAX_BUF_LEN 4096
66 typedef struct _GPPortSettingsSerial {
67  char port[128];
68  int speed;
69  int bits;
70  GPPortSerialParity parity;
72  int stopbits;
78 typedef struct _GPPortSettingsUSB {
79  int inep;
80  int outep;
81  int intep;
82  int config;
83  int interface;
84  int altsetting;
88  /* must be last to avoid binary incompatibility.
89  * luckily we just need to make sure this struct does not
90  * get larger than _GPPortSettingsSerial. */
91  char port[64];
98  char path[128];
104 typedef struct _GPPortSettingsUsbScsi {
105  char path[128];
114 typedef union _GPPortSettings {
121 enum {
125 };
127 typedef struct _GPPortPrivateLibrary GPPortPrivateLibrary;
143 typedef struct _GPPort {
144  /* For your convenience */
150  int timeout;
152  GPPortPrivateLibrary *pl;
154 } GPPort;
156 int gp_port_new (GPPort **port);
157 int gp_port_free (GPPort *port);
160 int gp_port_get_info (GPPort *port, GPPortInfo *info);
162 int gp_port_open (GPPort *port);
163 int gp_port_close (GPPort *port);
165 int gp_port_reset (GPPort *port);
167 int gp_port_write (GPPort *port, const char *data, int size);
168 int gp_port_read (GPPort *port, char *data, int size);
169 int gp_port_check_int (GPPort *port, char *data, int size);
170 int gp_port_check_int_fast (GPPort *port, char *data, int size);
172 int gp_port_get_timeout (GPPort *port, int *timeout);
173 int gp_port_set_timeout (GPPort *port, int timeout);
184 typedef enum _GPPin {
191 } GPPin;
198 typedef enum _GPLevel {
201 } GPLevel;
203 int gp_port_get_pin (GPPort *port, GPPin pin, GPLevel *level);
204 int gp_port_set_pin (GPPort *port, GPPin pin, GPLevel level);
206 int gp_port_send_break (GPPort *port, int duration);
207 int gp_port_flush (GPPort *port, int direction);
209 int gp_port_usb_find_device (GPPort *port, int idvendor, int idproduct);
210 int gp_port_usb_find_device_by_class (GPPort *port, int mainclass, int subclass, int protocol);
211 int gp_port_usb_clear_halt (GPPort *port, int ep);
212 int gp_port_usb_msg_write (GPPort *port, int request, int value,
213  int index, char *bytes, int size);
214 int gp_port_usb_msg_read (GPPort *port, int request, int value,
215  int index, char *bytes, int size);
216 int gp_port_usb_msg_interface_write (GPPort *port, int request,
217  int value, int index, char *bytes, int size);
218 int gp_port_usb_msg_interface_read (GPPort *port, int request,
219  int value, int index, char *bytes, int size);
220 int gp_port_usb_msg_class_write (GPPort *port, int request,
221  int value, int index, char *bytes, int size);
222 int gp_port_usb_msg_class_read (GPPort *port, int request,
223  int value, int index, char *bytes, int size);
225 int gp_port_seek (GPPort *port, int offset, int whence);
227 int gp_port_send_scsi_cmd (GPPort *port, int to_dev,
228  char *cmd, int cmd_size,
229  char *sense, int sense_size,
230  char *data, int data_size);
232 /* Error reporting */
233 int gp_port_set_error (GPPort *port, const char *format, ...)
234 #ifdef __GNUC__
235  __attribute__((__format__(printf,2,3)))
236 #endif
237 ;
238 const char *gp_port_get_error (GPPort *port);
240 /* DEPRECATED */
242 typedef GPPort gp_port;
246 #define PIN_CTS GP_PIN_CTS
248 #ifdef __cplusplus
249 }
250 #endif /* __cplusplus */
252 #endif /* __GPHOTO2_PORT_H__ */
int bits
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:69
int gp_port_open(GPPort *port)
Open a port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:269
int maxpacketsize
Maximum USB packetsize of the IN endpoint. (r/o)
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:86
int gp_port_set_settings(GPPort *port, GPPortSettings settings)
Set port settings.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:586
GPPortSerialParity parity
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:70
GPPortType type
Actual type of this port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:145
Pull to high (nV)
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:200
int gp_port_set_info(GPPort *port, GPPortInfo info)
Configure a port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:149
struct _GPPortSettingsUsbDiskDirect GPPortSettingsUsbDiskDirect
Port settings for USB mass storage direct IO ports.
int outep
Bulk OUT endpoint used.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:80
int gp_port_usb_msg_read(GPPort *port, int request, int value, int index, char *bytes, int size)
Send a USB control message with input data.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:893
GPPortSettings settings
Current port settings.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:147
int interface
USB Interface number used.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:83
GPPortSettings gp_port_settings
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:244
int gp_port_send_scsi_cmd(GPPort *port, int to_dev, char *cmd, int cmd_size, char *sense, int sense_size, char *data, int data_size)
Send a SCSI command to a port (for usb scsi ports)
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:1114
int gp_port_get_settings(GPPort *port, GPPortSettings *settings)
Get the current port settings.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:628
struct _GPPortSettingsUsbScsi GPPortSettingsUsbScsi
Port settings for USB Mass Storage raw SCSI ports.
GPPort gp_port
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:242
struct _GPPortSettingsSerial GPPortSettingsSerial
Port settings for serial ports.
GPPortSettings settings_pending
Settings to be committed.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:148
DTR line.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:186
int gp_port_get_timeout(GPPort *port, int *timeout)
Get the current port timeout.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:564
Port settings for USB mass storage direct IO ports.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:97
int gp_port_set_pin(GPPort *port, GPPin pin, GPLevel level)
Set specified serial PIN to value.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:699
DSR line.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:188
int gp_port_new(GPPort **port)
Create new GPPort.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:94
int gp_port_get_info(GPPort *port, GPPortInfo *info)
Retreives information about the port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:251
int gp_port_usb_msg_write(GPPort *port, int request, int value, int index, char *bytes, int size)
Send a USB control message with output data.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:860
enum _GPPin GPPin
Serial pins.
union _GPPortSettings GPPortSettings
Union of port settings.
int intep
Interrupt endpoint used.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:81
Parity is odd.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:57
enum _GPPortSerialParity GPPortSerialParity
Serial parity.
int gp_port_flush(GPPort *port, int direction)
Flush data on serial port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:758
Port settings for serial ports.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:66
Serial parity.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:53
int gp_port_free(GPPort *port)
Free the port structure.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:337
GPPortSettingsUsbScsi usbscsi
usb scsi port specific settings
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:118
int gp_port_close(GPPort *port)
Close a port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:293
The GPhoto port structure.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:143
int gp_port_check_int(GPPort *port, char *data, int size)
Check for intterupt.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:459
int gp_port_reset(GPPort *port)
Reset a port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:315
Parity is off (disabled)
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:55
int gp_port_check_int_fast(GPPort *port, char *data, int size)
Check for interrupt without wait.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:492
Serial pins.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:184
Parity is even.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:56
Internal private libgphoto2_port data. This structure contains private data.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:73
Port settings for USB ports.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:78
GPPortSettingsUSB usb
USB specific settings.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:116
int gp_port_usb_msg_class_write(GPPort *port, int request, int value, int index, char *bytes, int size)
Send a USB class control message with output data.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:1011
Level to pull specific lines.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:198
const char * gp_port_get_error(GPPort *port)
Get verbose port error message.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:1206
int gp_port_read(GPPort *port, char *data, int size)
Read data from port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:423
Union of port settings.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:114
int gp_port_usb_clear_halt(GPPort *port, int ep)
Clear USB endpoint HALT condition.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:832
int gp_port_usb_find_device(GPPort *port, int idvendor, int idproduct)
Find USB device by vendor/product.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:786
int config
USB bConfigurationValue used.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:82
USB bulk IN ep.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:122
int gp_port_usb_msg_class_read(GPPort *port, int request, int value, int index, char *bytes, int size)
Send a USB class control message with input data.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:1046
struct _GPPort GPPort
The GPhoto port structure.
int gp_port_set_timeout(GPPort *port, int timeout)
Set timeout of port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:530
GPPortSettingsSerial serial
Serial specific settings.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:115
int gp_port_usb_find_device_by_class(GPPort *port, int mainclass, int subclass, int protocol)
Find USB device by interface class.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:810
GPPortPrivateCore * pc
Port library private data pointer.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:153
int inep
Bulk IN endpoint used.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:79
int timeout
Port timeout in milliseconds.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:150
GPPortPrivateLibrary * pl
Camera driver private data pointer.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:152
int gp_port_usb_msg_interface_read(GPPort *port, int request, int value, int index, char *bytes, int size)
Send a USB interface control message with input data.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:968
int gp_port_write(GPPort *port, const char *data, int size)
Writes a specified amount of data to a port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:388
int gp_port_usb_msg_interface_write(GPPort *port, int request, int value, int index, char *bytes, int size)
Send a USB interface control message with output data.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:933
USB Interrupt ep.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:124
int altsetting
USB Alternative Setting used.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:84
int gp_port_seek(GPPort *port, int offset, int whence)
Seek on a port (for usb disk direct ports)
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:1080
Port settings for USB Mass Storage raw SCSI ports.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:104
GPPortSettingsUsbDiskDirect usbdiskdirect
usb disk direct port specific settings
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:117
int gp_port_set_error(GPPort *port, const char *format,...)
Set verbose port error message.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:1176
RTS line.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:185
Pull to low (0V)
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:199
enum _GPLevel GPLevel
Level to pull specific lines.
int gp_port_send_break(GPPort *port, int duration)
Send a break over a serial port.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:733
RING (Modem) line.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:190
CTS line.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:187
Definition: gphoto2-port-info.h:32
struct _GPPortSettingsUSB GPPortSettingsUSB
Port settings for USB ports.
int speed
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:68
char port[128]
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:67
USB bulk OUT ep.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:123
Carrier Detect line.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:189
int gp_port_get_pin(GPPort *port, GPPin pin, GPLevel *level)
Get setting of specific serial PIN.
Definition: gphoto2-port.c:647
int stopbits
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:72
The gphoto port type.
Definition: gphoto2-port-info-list.h:34