libgphoto2 photo camera library (libgphoto2) API
_GPPortSettingsSerial Struct Reference

Port settings for serial ports. More...

#include <gphoto2-port.h>

Data Fields

char port [128]
int speed
int bits
GPPortSerialParity parity
int stopbits

Detailed Description

Port settings for serial ports.

Field Documentation

int _GPPortSettingsSerial::bits

How many bits data.

Referenced by gp_port_set_info().

GPPortSerialParity _GPPortSettingsSerial::parity

parity data, see GP_PORT_SERIAL_PARITY_ defines

Referenced by gp_port_set_info().

char _GPPortSettingsSerial::port[128]

The portname (/dev/ttyX)

int _GPPortSettingsSerial::speed

The baudrate of the device.

Referenced by gp_camera_set_port_speed(), and gp_port_set_info().

int _GPPortSettingsSerial::stopbits

How many stop bits are used.

Referenced by gp_port_set_info().

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