libgphoto2 photo camera library (libgphoto2) API
CameraAbilities Struct Reference

Describes the properties of a specific camera. More...

#include <gphoto2-abilities-list.h>

Data Fields

char model [128]
 name of camera model
CameraDriverStatus status
 driver quality
GPPortType port
 Supported port types.
int speed [64]
 Supported serial port speeds (terminated with a value of 0).
CameraOperation operations
 Camera operation funcs.
CameraFileOperation file_operations
 Camera file op funcs.
CameraFolderOperation folder_operations
 Camera folder op funcs.
int usb_vendor
 USB Vendor D.
int usb_product
 USB Product ID.
int usb_class
 USB device class.
int usb_subclass
 USB device subclass.
int usb_protocol
 USB device protocol.
char library [1024]
 (Internal) library filename
char id [1024]
 (Internal) camera ID name
GphotoDeviceType device_type
 Device type.
int reserved2
int reserved3
int reserved4
int reserved5
int reserved6
int reserved7
int reserved8

Detailed Description

Describes the properties of a specific camera.

The internals of this structures are used extensively by the camlibs, but the status regarding use by frontends is questionable.

Field Documentation

int CameraAbilities::reserved2

Reserved space to use in the future w/out changing the struct size reserved space

int CameraAbilities::reserved3

reserved space

int CameraAbilities::reserved4

reserved space

int CameraAbilities::reserved5

reserved space

int CameraAbilities::reserved6

reserved space

int CameraAbilities::reserved7

reserved space

int CameraAbilities::reserved8

reserved space

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