libgphoto2 photo camera library (libgphoto2) API
LogFunc Struct Reference

Internal logging function entry. More...

Data Fields

unsigned int id
GPLogLevel level
GPLogFunc func
void * data

Detailed Description

Internal logging function entry.

Internal structure to remember the logging functions. Use gp_log_add_func() and gp_log_remove_func() to access it.

Field Documentation

void* LogFunc::data

Private data supplied by caller

Referenced by gp_log_add_func().

GPLogFunc LogFunc::func

Internal function pointer to call

Referenced by gp_log_add_func(), and gp_logv().

unsigned int LogFunc::id

Internal id

Referenced by gp_log_add_func().

GPLogLevel LogFunc::level

Internal loglevel

Referenced by gp_log_add_func().

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