libgphoto2 photo camera library (libgphoto2) API
_CameraStorageInformation Struct Reference

Storage information structue. More...

#include <gphoto2-filesys.h>

Data Fields

CameraStorageInfoFields fields
 Bitmask of struct members that are specified.
char basedir [256]
 Basedirectory of the storage. Will be "/" if just 1 storage on the camera.
char label [256]
 Label of the storage. Similar to DOS label.
char description [256]
 Description of the storage.
CameraStorageType type
 Hardware type of the storage.
CameraStorageFilesystemType fstype
 Hierarchy type of the filesystem.
CameraStorageAccessType access
 Access permissions.
uint64_t capacitykbytes
 Total capacity in kbytes.
uint64_t freekbytes
 Free space in kbytes.
uint64_t freeimages
 Free space in images (guessed by camera).

Detailed Description

Storage information structue.

This structure contains the information of a specific camera storage. Only the members as specified by the fields member are valid.

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