Chapter 5. Compiling and installing

Table of Contents

5.1. Overview, requirements and dependencies
5.2. Starting from SVN (SubVersioN)
5.3. Configuring, building, and installing

5.1. Overview, requirements and dependencies


This section wants to give you an overview about software packages, software requirements and the dependencies between them. It should prepare you for the decision what packages you want to install and what sequence.

As you can see in Figure 5.1, “Software dependencies”, multiple software packages are required for using digital cameras. If you find this picture a little complicated, then you may want to consider using pre-compiled binary packages.

Figure 5.1. Software dependencies

Software dependencies
	  Arrows mean required for, dashed lines mean
	  should be used with, even though being

Nowadays, most people will want to use gphoto2 on the command line and the gtkam GUI with contemporary USB cameras delivering EXIF images. So you'll have to get and compile libexif, libusb, libgphoto2, gphoto2, and gtkam.

You can see that this quite some work to do. This is why we created gphoto-suite, which lets you build everything in just one step.