libgphoto2 photo camera library (libgphoto2) API
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26 #ifndef __GPHOTO2_CAMERA_H__
27 #define __GPHOTO2_CAMERA_H__
29 #ifdef __cplusplus
30 extern "C" {
31 #endif /* __cplusplus */
44 typedef struct _Camera Camera;
45 #ifdef __cplusplus
46 }
47 #endif /* __cplusplus */
51 #include <gphoto2/gphoto2-port.h>
53 #include <gphoto2/gphoto2-widget.h>
55 #include <gphoto2/gphoto2-result.h>
57 #ifdef __cplusplus
58 extern "C" {
59 #endif /* __cplusplus */
68 typedef struct {
69  char text [32 * 1024];
70 } CameraText;
79 typedef struct {
80  char name [128];
81  char folder [1024];
90 typedef enum {
104 typedef enum {
138 typedef int (*CameraExitFunc) (Camera *camera, GPContext *context);
159 typedef int (*CameraGetConfigFunc) (Camera *camera, CameraWidget **widget,
160  GPContext *context);
184 typedef int (*CameraGetSingleConfigFunc) (Camera *camera, const char *name, CameraWidget **widget,
185  GPContext *context);
209 typedef int (*CameraListConfigFunc) (Camera *camera, CameraList *list, GPContext *context);
223 typedef int (*CameraSetConfigFunc) (Camera *camera, CameraWidget *widget,
224  GPContext *context);
237 typedef int (*CameraSetSingleConfigFunc) (Camera *camera, const char *name, CameraWidget *widget,
238  GPContext *context);
240 typedef int (*CameraCaptureFunc) (Camera *camera, CameraCaptureType type,
241  CameraFilePath *path, GPContext *context);
242 typedef int (*CameraTriggerCaptureFunc) (Camera *camera, GPContext *context);
243 typedef int (*CameraCapturePreviewFunc) (Camera *camera, CameraFile *file,
244  GPContext *context);
245 typedef int (*CameraSummaryFunc) (Camera *camera, CameraText *text,
246  GPContext *context);
247 typedef int (*CameraManualFunc) (Camera *camera, CameraText *text,
248  GPContext *context);
249 typedef int (*CameraAboutFunc) (Camera *camera, CameraText *text,
250  GPContext *context);
251 typedef int (*CameraWaitForEvent) (Camera *camera, int timeout,
252  CameraEventType *eventtype, void **eventdata,
253  GPContext *context);
271 typedef int (*CameraPrePostFunc) (Camera *camera, GPContext *context);
285 typedef struct _CameraFunctions {
291  /* Configuration */
299  /* Capturing */
300  CameraCaptureFunc capture;
301  CameraTriggerCaptureFunc trigger_capture;
302  CameraCapturePreviewFunc capture_preview;
304  /* Textual information */
305  CameraSummaryFunc summary;
306  CameraManualFunc manual;
307  CameraAboutFunc about;
309  /* Event Interface */
310  CameraWaitForEvent wait_for_event;
311  /* Reserved space to use in the future without changing the struct size */
312  void *reserved1;
313  void *reserved2;
314  void *reserved3;
315  void *reserved4;
316  void *reserved5;
317  void *reserved6;
318  void *reserved7;
319  void *reserved8;
322 typedef struct _CameraPrivateLibrary CameraPrivateLibrary;
325 struct _Camera {
329  GPPort *port;
330  CameraFilesystem *fs;
331  CameraFunctions *functions;
334  CameraPrivateLibrary *pl;
336 };
340 int gp_camera_new (Camera **camera);
346 int gp_camera_set_abilities (Camera *camera, CameraAbilities abilities);
347 int gp_camera_get_abilities (Camera *camera, CameraAbilities *abilities);
348 int gp_camera_set_port_info (Camera *camera, GPPortInfo info);
349 int gp_camera_get_port_info (Camera *camera, GPPortInfo *info);
362 int gp_camera_set_port_speed (Camera *camera, int speed);
363 int gp_camera_get_port_speed (Camera *camera);
371 int gp_camera_autodetect (CameraList *list, GPContext *context);
372 int gp_camera_init (Camera *camera, GPContext *context);
373 int gp_camera_exit (Camera *camera, GPContext *context);
382 int gp_camera_ref (Camera *camera);
383 int gp_camera_unref (Camera *camera);
384 int gp_camera_free (Camera *camera);
386 int gp_camera_get_config (Camera *camera, CameraWidget **window,
387  GPContext *context);
388 int gp_camera_list_config (Camera *camera, CameraList *list,
389  GPContext *context);
390 int gp_camera_get_single_config (Camera *camera, const char *name, CameraWidget **widget,
391  GPContext *context);
392 int gp_camera_set_config (Camera *camera, CameraWidget *window,
393  GPContext *context);
394 int gp_camera_set_single_config (Camera *camera, const char *name, CameraWidget *widget,
395  GPContext *context);
396 int gp_camera_get_summary (Camera *camera, CameraText *summary,
397  GPContext *context);
398 int gp_camera_get_manual (Camera *camera, CameraText *manual,
399  GPContext *context);
400 int gp_camera_get_about (Camera *camera, CameraText *about,
401  GPContext *context);
402 int gp_camera_capture (Camera *camera, CameraCaptureType type,
403  CameraFilePath *path, GPContext *context);
404 int gp_camera_trigger_capture (Camera *camera, GPContext *context);
405 int gp_camera_capture_preview (Camera *camera, CameraFile *file,
406  GPContext *context);
407 int gp_camera_wait_for_event (Camera *camera, int timeout,
408  CameraEventType *eventtype, void **eventdata,
409  GPContext *context);
412  int *, GPContext *context);
420 int gp_camera_folder_list_files (Camera *camera, const char *folder,
421  CameraList *list, GPContext *context);
422 int gp_camera_folder_list_folders (Camera *camera, const char *folder,
423  CameraList *list, GPContext *context);
424 int gp_camera_folder_delete_all (Camera *camera, const char *folder,
425  GPContext *context);
426 int gp_camera_folder_put_file (Camera *camera,
427  const char *folder, const char *filename,
428  CameraFileType type,
429  CameraFile *file, GPContext *context);
430 int gp_camera_folder_make_dir (Camera *camera, const char *folder,
431  const char *name, GPContext *context);
432 int gp_camera_folder_remove_dir (Camera *camera, const char *folder,
433  const char *name, GPContext *context);
440 int gp_camera_file_get_info (Camera *camera, const char *folder,
441  const char *file, CameraFileInfo *info,
442  GPContext *context);
443 int gp_camera_file_set_info (Camera *camera, const char *folder,
444  const char *file, CameraFileInfo info,
445  GPContext *context);
446 int gp_camera_file_get (Camera *camera, const char *folder,
447  const char *file, CameraFileType type,
448  CameraFile *camera_file, GPContext *context);
449 int gp_camera_file_read (Camera *camera, const char *folder, const char *file,
450  CameraFileType type,
451  uint64_t offset, char *buf, uint64_t *size,
452  GPContext *context);
453 int gp_camera_file_delete (Camera *camera, const char *folder,
454  const char *file, GPContext *context);
462 typedef int (* CameraTimeoutFunc) (Camera *camera,
463  GPContext *context);
464 typedef unsigned int (* CameraTimeoutStartFunc) (Camera *camera,
465  unsigned int timeout,
466  CameraTimeoutFunc func,
467  void *data);
468 typedef void (* CameraTimeoutStopFunc) (Camera *camera,
469  unsigned int id, void *data);
470 void gp_camera_set_timeout_funcs (Camera *camera,
471  CameraTimeoutStartFunc start_func,
472  CameraTimeoutStopFunc stop_func,
473  void *data);
474 int gp_camera_start_timeout (Camera *camera, unsigned int timeout,
475  CameraTimeoutFunc func);
476 void gp_camera_stop_timeout (Camera *camera, unsigned int id);
479 #ifdef __cplusplus
480 }
481 #endif /* __cplusplus */
484 #endif /* __GPHOTO2_CAMERA_H__ */
int gp_camera_unref(Camera *camera)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:528
Type of the capture to do.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:90
Definition: gphoto2-list.c:47
CameraPrivateCore * pc
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:335
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:105
int gp_camera_get_single_config(Camera *camera, const char *name, CameraWidget **widget, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:891
int gp_camera_trigger_capture(Camera *camera, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1358
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:106
int gp_camera_get_config(Camera *camera, CameraWidget **window, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:858
int gp_camera_get_about(Camera *camera, CameraText *about, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1294
int gp_camera_autodetect(CameraList *list, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:618
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:107
int gp_camera_folder_put_file(Camera *camera, const char *folder, const char *filename, CameraFileType type, CameraFile *file, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1544
void * reserved4
reserved for future use
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:315
CameraPrePostFunc post_func
Function called after each camera operation.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:287
int(* CameraListConfigFunc)(Camera *camera, CameraList *list, GPContext *context)
List all configuration widgets for a specific configuration.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:209
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:108
CameraSetSingleConfigFunc set_single_config
Called for setting a single configuration widget.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:297
int gp_camera_get_summary(Camera *camera, CameraText *summary, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1231
int(* CameraSetConfigFunc)(Camera *camera, CameraWidget *widget, GPContext *context)
Set the configuration in the camera.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:223
int gp_camera_init(Camera *camera, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:683
int gp_camera_exit(Camera *camera, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:264
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:325
int gp_camera_set_abilities(Camera *camera, CameraAbilities abilities)
Sets the camera abilities.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:368
void * reserved3
reserved for future use
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:314
void * reserved8
reserved for future use
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:319
Definition: gphoto2-widget.c:38
int gp_camera_get_storageinfo(Camera *camera, CameraStorageInformation **, int *, GPContext *context)
Gets information on the camera attached storage.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1833
int gp_camera_wait_for_event(Camera *camera, int timeout, CameraEventType *eventtype, void **eventdata, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1434
CameraCapturePreviewFunc capture_preview
Preview viewfinder content.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:302
int gp_camera_folder_delete_all(Camera *camera, const char *folder, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1518
int gp_camera_file_set_info(Camera *camera, const char *folder, const char *file, CameraFileInfo info, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1640
int gp_camera_set_config(Camera *camera, CameraWidget *window, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1102
int gp_camera_free(Camera *camera)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:562
int gp_camera_folder_list_files(Camera *camera, const char *folder, CameraList *list, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1463
int gp_camera_start_timeout(Camera *camera, unsigned int timeout, CameraTimeoutFunc func)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1889
int(* CameraGetSingleConfigFunc)(Camera *camera, const char *name, CameraWidget **widget, GPContext *context)
Get a configuration widget for a specific configuration.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:184
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:219
File structure.
int gp_camera_file_get(Camera *camera, const char *folder, const char *file, CameraFileType type, CameraFile *camera_file, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1667
int gp_camera_get_manual(Camera *camera, CameraText *manual, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1262
int(* CameraPrePostFunc)(Camera *camera, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:271
struct _CameraFunctions CameraFunctions
Various camera specific functions.
void * reserved1
reserved for future use
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:312
int gp_camera_file_read(Camera *camera, const char *folder, const char *file, CameraFileType type, uint64_t offset, char *buf, uint64_t *size, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1710
CameraGetSingleConfigFunc get_single_config
Called for requesteing a single widget.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:296
Capture audio.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:93
CameraAboutFunc about
A little About text, including authors and credits.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:307
Various camera specific functions.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:285
The GPhoto port structure.
Definition: gphoto2-port.h:143
int gp_camera_folder_list_folders(Camera *camera, const char *folder, CameraList *list, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1491
int(* CameraExitFunc)(Camera *camera, GPContext *context)
The camera exit function.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:138
int gp_camera_capture_preview(Camera *camera, CameraFile *file, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1388
void * reserved2
reserved for future use
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:313
CameraTriggerCaptureFunc trigger_capture
Remote control the camera to trigger capture.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:301
int gp_camera_file_delete(Camera *camera, const char *folder, const char *file, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1748
void * reserved6
reserved for future use
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:317
int gp_camera_folder_remove_dir(Camera *camera, const char *folder, const char *name, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1798
int gp_camera_set_port_speed(Camera *camera, int speed)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:456
int gp_camera_ref(Camera *camera)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:507
int gp_camera_set_single_config(Camera *camera, const char *name, CameraWidget *widget, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1134
File information structure.
Definition: gphoto2-filesys.h:141
Filesystem related operations and declarations.
CameraGetConfigFunc get_config
Called for requesting the configuration widgets.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:292
Specify what event we received from the camera.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:104
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:109
CameraCaptureFunc capture
Remote control the camera to capture.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:300
The internal camera filesystem structure.
Definition: gphoto2-filesys.c:242
CameraPrivateLibrary * pl
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:334
void * reserved5
reserved for future use
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:316
void gp_camera_set_timeout_funcs(Camera *camera, CameraTimeoutStartFunc start_func, CameraTimeoutStopFunc stop_func, void *data)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1863
int gp_camera_new(Camera **camera)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:317
List of supported camera models including their abilities.
int gp_camera_folder_make_dir(Camera *camera, const char *folder, const char *name, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1774
CameraSummaryFunc summary
Give a summary about the current camera status, translated.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:305
int gp_camera_file_get_info(Camera *camera, const char *folder, const char *file, CameraFileInfo *info, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1574
A structure created by the capture operation.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:79
CameraSetConfigFunc set_config
Called after a configuration was changed.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:293
CameraListConfigFunc list_config
Called for listing the available configuration widgets.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:295
CameraWaitForEvent wait_for_event
Wait for a specific event from the camera.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:310
int(* CameraSetSingleConfigFunc)(Camera *camera, const char *name, CameraWidget *widget, GPContext *context)
Set a single configuration variable in the camera.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:237
int gp_camera_get_port_speed(Camera *camera)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:491
CameraText structure used in various functions.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:68
Definition: gphoto2-port-info.h:32
The type of view on the specified file.
Definition: gphoto2-file.h:72
int(* CameraGetConfigFunc)(Camera *camera, CameraWidget **widget, GPContext *context)
Get a configuration tree for the camera and its driver.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:159
Storage information structue.
Definition: gphoto2-filesys.h:214
CameraPrePostFunc pre_func
Function called before each camera operation.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:286
void gp_camera_stop_timeout(Camera *camera, unsigned int id)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1930
int gp_camera_capture(Camera *camera, CameraCaptureType type, CameraFilePath *path, GPContext *context)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:1327
Describes the properties of a specific camera.
Definition: gphoto2-abilities-list.h:120
Definition: gphoto2-context.c:38
int gp_camera_get_abilities(Camera *camera, CameraAbilities *abilities)
Definition: gphoto2-camera.c:396
Capture a movie.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:92
void * reserved7
reserved for future use
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:318
Capture an image.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:91
CameraExitFunc exit
Function called on closing the camera.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:289
CameraManualFunc manual
Give a brief manual about any specific items a user has to know, translated.
Definition: gphoto2-camera.h:306